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No Magic Unicorn

I'm sure you've heard all about the challenges that come with dyslexia, and how it can make life difficult. My son was diagnosed later in his educational career with severe dyslexia. Due to Covid, his frustration and additional factors he does not wish to pursue higher education.

He's already 18 and will be graduating Spring of 2023 with a high school diploma and a certificate from the community college in programming. Ironically, we have found the college more responsive to accommodations.

So, what will he do for work? How will he make money? How can he participate meaningfully and prosper without a degree?

Currently, he has a part-time job, which has afforded him the ability to purchase a car (all cash) and invest in the stock market. I have also helped him start an eBay store. Purchasing small electronics, VHS, and video games at yard sales then testing and repairing them before listing for resale.

Why No Magic Unicorn? Because no one is coming to swoop in and save you, that is reality. If we had unlimited funds I could send him to a special school for a year and then pursue a business degree, he is intelligent enough. But after all of the ups and downs, he is done with school and will pursue a trade after a year off.

I'm not giving up on him, I'm helping him succeed in the real world. College isn't for everyone. But it doesn't mean you can't be successful or stuck in a dead-end job, you just need a plan. I will document our progress as he builds a business and creates a life that works for him instead of against him.

Please continue to follow our story, as we try to make some money and have some fun while doing it. Thank you for your time.

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